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By cjsworld, Jun 17 2016 05:49PM

Ok, so here's today's little wave thought, albeit somewhat fuelled by expresso and Atlantic excess. I've been musing on my return home to the wild North Devon coastline and all the freedom it has gifted me. Being of equal part Moor, Spanish Conquistador, Kernow Celt and Dreaming Devonian, (God, there was never a hope of sanity was there) I often fancy that I see the coast with the same eyes as my eclectic ancestors. The tides call and I respond with the same passion as those who have gone before me. But today it struck me, the biggest gift that my beautiful and untamed coastline has bestowed on me, isn't anything to do about returning to a physical home. No, it's so much more and I think the Buddhist's refer to it as The Path of the Great Return Home ... it's about going within and finding 'Home' there, being able to ride each wave, and as Barbara De Angeles says in her beautiful book, Soul Shifts, "becoming consciousness itself and not just a container for it...undoing not doing" Do you get me? Nah, maybe not, but perhaps one day ... anyhoooooz, my wish is that everyone who visits our beautiful coast, forest, moor and mountain or who looks into the eyes of another living being and really sees them, will be able to feel that same connection and carry it with them wherever they may roam .. because after all, as Ram Dass once said, we're all just accompanying each other on the great journey home, aren't we? Anyway, stream of consciousness duly unloaded, am now signing off from from Planet Shire. Nanoo Nanoo xxxx

The Journey Home ©2016 carolyn seager
The Journey Home ©2016 carolyn seager

By cjsworld, Jun 17 2016 05:20PM

"Go running through this world giving love, giving love .... " Hafiz. In my case H, can it be "go surfing through this world (well paddling out the back and sitting a while at any rate) giving love, giving love .... " Wishing everyone the best week ever during your beautiful visit to planet earth xxxx

Shine © 2016 carolynseager
Shine © 2016 carolynseager

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